The “HMCS Fredericton” back in country after a mission marked by a tragedy

Le «NCSM Fredericton» revient au pays après une mission marquée par une tragédie

The frigate Fredericton , the royal canadian Navy will be back in the country Tuesday after an expatriate assignment of six months marked by the tragic disappearance of six members of its crew.

The ship should arrive in Halifax, her home port shortly before 10 a.m. (local time).

During her stay in the sea, on the 29th of April, a helicopter, CH-148 Cyclone which he was attached during the mission, crashed in the Mediterranean sea, with six people on board. The six did not survive. Two were from Nova Scotia (Brenden Ian MacDonald and Matthew Pyke); two of Ontario (Matthew Cousins and Abbigail Cowbrough; a of British Columbia (Kevin Hagen); and one from Quebec (Maxime Miron-Morin).

Despite the tragedy, the ship continued her mission.

Pandemic requires, on Tuesday morning, health measures must be respected for the arrival of the sailors. The families will be able to see the arrival of the ship at certain designated places, but rather than welcome them directly to their landing, they will have to move in a Halifax hotel where members have been conducted.

The return of the Fredericton – who will be escorted into Halifax harbour by two boats, the Bluenose II and HMCS Oriole – will be broadcast live on the page Facebook of the ship.

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