The hotel Les Trois Tilleuls, in which Michel Barrette is a co-owner, ceases its activities

L’hôtel Les Trois Tilleuls, dont Michel Barrette est copropriétaire, cesse ses activités

Comedian Michel Barrette has announced this afternoon that the hotel Les Trois Tilleuls, which he is co-owner, ceased operations after 50 years, due to losses caused by the current crisis.

“The hotel is a victim of the COVID,” quipped Michel Barrette at the microphone of the issue , One is not required to agree, on Tuesday, at QUB radio.

After six years of involvement in the institution of Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu, in Montérégie, Barrette has handed over his shares to his business partner, citing that he no longer saw “the light at the end of the tunnel” and that the hotel would close at least in its current form.

“For several weeks, I hear the groupe Germain, which told the government to “Help us because otherwise we will not survive” […] We, it is not different from the other, it is closed now for nearly three months,” he recalled, with more than 30 employees to the unemployment.

Michel Barrette is convinced that, without any action on the part of the government, the pandemic will cause a heavy toll in the hospitality industry of the province.

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