The hottest bachelor Ukraine Makatsaria gave the girls hope – “Not leaving you”

Самый горячий холостяк Украины Макацария дал девушкам надежду - "Не покидает вас"

Irakli Makatsaria, the screen of the video

today, 10:15

Popular in Ukraine, Georgian bachelor Irakli Makatsaria, which became famous for shootings in the Ukrainian show “the Bachelor” and has managed to participate in many other projects. Handsome never found a bride in our country, but the work here had plenty. March 8, Irakli decided to congratulate beautiful women, and pleased with their enticing photos.

In a new photo the bachelor star appeared in the courageous way he stole to the wall, holding something small and not looking at the camera. It is a stylish blue shirt and black pants. In the caption to the photo Makatsaria warmly congratulated women on the holiday. “Dear girls, I congratulate you on this wonderful day. Thank you for what you make us better and fill your life with beautiful moments! I wish you to Shine brighter every day and may the smile never leaves you,” he wrote, and added a few lines in the Georgian language. The fans love the new publication Irakli, it is filled with compliments and thanks.

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