The Houses of the elders against pandemics

Des Maisons des aînés contre les pandémies

The explosion of the cost of the Houses of the elders will be used in part to avoid new epidemics in these residences, as was the case with the COVID-19 in NURSING homes, advocates the minister Marguerite Blais.

Our parliamentary Bureau revealed yesterday that the Homes of seniors who will leave earth in 2022 will cost ultimately$ 1.5 billion, while the CAQ had encrypted its commitment to$ 1 billion during the election campaign. It is that the government Legault will build smaller homes : the 2 600 seats will be distributed in 48 settlements, rather than the thirty announced in 2018.

But the minister Blais says that a portion of the costs also seeks to upgrade facilities to prevent outbreaks of the virus outbreak. “With the pandemic, we realized that there was a need for more measures of protection,” says the minister responsible for Seniors.

Thus, the future Homes of the seniors will be equipped with mechanical ventilation, dressing rooms for employees, sas for donning and removing protective equipment, in addition to basins for washing hands.

“The kitchen for the employees will be larger, because we realized that there was contamination in the kitchens,” says Ms. Blais. Therefore, these measures-there are calls for greater spending.”

As the nursery 4 years

With his concept of the Maison des aînés, Québec, wishes to replace the huge CHSLD by institutions on a human scale.

But the liberal Party of Quebec is concerned about a cost explosion. “Excuse the expression, very in quebec, but it is no matter what,” says the critic of the liberal Monique Saved.

“We spend$ 1 billion to$ 1.5 billion, while there was not even a single shovelful of earth,” she notes.

“I have the impression that we saw the movie in kindergarten 4 years ago,” adds Sauvé. Announced to 122 400 $ in an electoral campaign, they will cost eventually$ 800,000 in average.

“This is improvisation”, says Monique Saved.


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