The humiliating defeat of “Dynamo” from “Chelsea”. Video of the match

Позорное поражение «Динамо» от «Челси». Видео матча

Kiev “Dynamo” in a return match 1/8 finals of the Europa League with 0:5 lost to Chelsea.

After 0:3 in London against Dynamo in the second leg, with 65 thousand fans expected to see decent football and trying to please the podium is a good result in the recent European match of the season. Instead, the people of Kiev took to rewrite the record book of the Ukrainian football and has succeeded in this.

Defeat 0:5 from not the optimal composition of “Chelsea” was the biggest home defeat in the history of the Ukrainian clubs in the international arena.

Alexander Khatskevich (Dynamo): “We’ve been in the tournament of the Europa League, played with the teams at our level, we have achieved results out of the group. But it’s a completely different level. We must have the courage to say that to date, the Champions League is our team.”

Maurizio Sarri (Chelsea): “We played great the first half. We wanted to put a quick goal, we have managed to do. This confused card to the opponent. The reason for this account – poor physical fitness of Kiev. Dynamo is a young team, but I’m sure she has a great future.”


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