The hunger in the world worsens, the bleak prospects in 2020, according to the UN

La faim dans le monde s’aggrave, sombres perspectives en 2020, selon l’ONU

PARIS | Near a human on a nine-suffered from chronic undernourishment in 2019, a proportion that is likely to worsen due to the pandemic of COVID-19, according to an annual report of the united nations published Monday.

According to the latest estimates, the hunger was for the last year about 690 million people, or 8.9 % of the world’s population, one can read in a report of the united Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO), prepared with the assistance of the international Fund for agricultural development, Unicef, the world food Programme and the world health Organization.

That is 10 million people more than in 2018, and $ 60 million more than in 2014.

“If the trend continues, it is estimated that by 2030, this number will exceed 840 million people. This clearly means that the objective of eradicating hunger by 2030, established by the UN in 2015, editor’s NOTE) is not being achieved”, said to AFP Thibault Meilland, senior policy analyst at the FAO.

And this was without counting on the shock health and economic caused by the pandemic COVID-19, which generates a loss of revenue in the cascade, increases the foods, disrupts supply chains…

According to the report, the global recession due to the new coronavirus risk to push into the hungry between 83 and 132 million more people.

“What are the assumptions still relatively cautious, the situation is evolving,” notes Mr. Meilland.

The estimation of under-nutrition in the world is far below that of previous editions: the report of last year referred more than 820 million people suffering from hunger. But the figures cannot be compared: the integration of data that is newly available – in particular from the surveys conducted by the China household survey in the country – resulted in the comprehensive revision of the estimates since 2000.

“This is not a decline (in the number of people suffering from undernourishment), it is a revision. Everything has been recalculated on the basis of these new figures,” insists Mr. Meilland.

“As China represents one-fifth of the world’s population, this update has a major impact on the overall numbers”, leading the analyst to the FAO.

“Even if the total number is less than”, the observation of an increase of the sub-power supply since 2014 “is confirmed”, he adds.

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