The hunt for Republicans is on!

The Republican hunt is on!


As we break down the assault on the Capitol that left five dead, an armed individual was arrested near the residence of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, we deplore an increased number of shootings and that the political climate is particularly toxic, a Republican politician from Missouri has just “distinguished himself” by the ubiquitous and violent nature of an advertisement.

A controversial candidate

Eric Greitens is no newcomer to the American political scene. Former governor of Missouri, he has long been counting on his passage in the Navy, he is part of the Seals. Courted by both Democrats and Republicans, he broke with family tradition by siding with the conservatives.

A graduate of Duke University and a Rhodes Scholar, decorated twice with the Seals, the man is not lacking in talent and resources. Yet his tenure as governor of Missouri ended badly.

Facing an invasion of privacy charge, later dropped, he is also accused of sexual assault by his former hairstylist and his 2016 campaign is being investigated for possible election law fraud. He quit his governorship as Democrats and Republicans considered the possibility of impeachment.

As if the number of cannonballs he dragged around weren't enough, one who buys into conspiratorial plots , whose “Great replacement”, has just surpassed himself by broadcasting an ultra-violent video in which he leads an assault against those who are nicknamed the RINOs (Republicans in name only), these Republicans considered too soft since the arrival of Donald Trump on the political scene.

An irresponsible video

Greitens leads the assault there armed with a shotgun, a shotgun, and he is joined by members of a tactical squad. His message? We liberate the party and the country from the RINOs and there are no quotas for this hunt for undesirables. 

Denounced by many speakers, the ad, presented as a metaphor, was removed from Facebook. I believe that is not enough. Gun culture or not, this video is more than a poor exercise in judgment in today's environment, it's downright irresponsible.

Controversial as he is, Greitens is just the newest candidate crazy from a party that does not lack it. Already in 2013, Republican Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal said that his party should stop being that of stupidity and become a party of ideas again.

I fervently hope that the leaders of the Republican Party condemn clearly its candidates whose words and gestures exceed the limits of common sense. How long will we remain in solidarity with the incendiary declarations of Donald Trump and his henchmen?

By blowing on the embers of violence, we will end up setting the country on fire. As I like to repeat, escalation is not good for our neighbor and, due to many links, for us.

The Republican hunt is on!