The identity of a book and its clients is stolen

L’identité d’une comptable et de ses clients est volée

A book of the South Shore whose identity and those of many of its customers have been stolen by a clever con artist denounces the inaction of Ottawa when she reported the situation.

“It was hell as you can’t imagine, says Catherine Charbonneau. Tuesday, it was one client after another who was defraud. How much money Delivery canadian emergency [PCU] stolen we would have been able to save if the government had acted from the start ? “

It is not known if she was targeted specifically because she is an accountant. It specifies, however, that she was the victim of leakage of personal data occurred in the last year as much at Desjardins, Revenu Québec Capital One.

She noticed that something was wrong on June 4. The scammer had managed to steal his phone line. Thanks to this, he was able to receive all text messages to confirm changes of passwords in his accounts, including his emails and his profile Equifax, and thus have access to sensitive information.

It took more than seven hours before finding the control of his cell line, but the damage was done.


“When I reported to the Canada revenue Agency (CRA), the person on the other end of the line had the air of cum. I said to put all of the following measures of protection for my customers before the fraud is done, and they responded : “it doesn’t work like that'”, said she.

The employees of the ARC have told him that it was rather to each of its customers to call and seek more protection.

“So I lost a crazy amount of time to call everyone and explain to them what was happening. Fortunately, everyone has been understanding, but during this time, my clients were at the mercy of the fraudster, ” says the accountant.

The fraudster was able to steal the identity of a quarantine of its 120 customers. In any case, he was able to make requests to the PCU in their name and has changed the account numbers for the direct deposit. It is so rich of several thousands of dollars.

“While I was explaining all this, […], I felt like I was in The 12 works of Asterix. I have to fight against a big, bureaucratic machine that didn’t do anything, ” says Ms. Charbonneau.

“Gold Mine “

After that The Newspaper had contacted the CRA about the situation, the accountant received on Friday, encouraging news.

“I was asked to send the list of all my clients so that they are better protected. […] I told them to make changes as quickly as possible, because it is clear that in the years to come, other professionals such as me will be affected by the fraud. It is a gold mine for them, ” says Catherine Charbonneau.

The CRA has not been able to respond.

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