The illusionist Roman Bondarchuk: “Can you make it so that the Verkhovna Rada will disappear”

The illusionist said as made a splash in Abu Dhabi

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Иллюзионист Роман Бондарчук: "Могу сделать так, что Верховная Рада исчезнет"

Roman Bondarchuk

Famous Ukrainian illusionist Roman Bondarchuk in an interview “Today” told how made a splash in Abu Dhabi which illusions are the most popular, about accidents during offer and the real value of magic tricks

– The novel, not so long ago you returned to Ukraine after a long tour in the UAE. I know you were involved in the creation of themed magic show about the history of the legendary car brand. So how did it happen that you were invited?

After last year’s premiere of my first big solo show in Kiev with me was unexpectedly contacted by the casting managers the Ferrari theme Park in Abu Dhabi and offered cooperation. It turned out that one of the decision makers, saw our rooms and got the idea to do something similar. As I later learned, I was the first and only illusionist from Europe, to whom they gave the opportunity to create together a big show on their site. Don’t want to brag, but I think it is another victory of Ukraine on the world stage, where our artists really appreciate.

Иллюзионист Роман Бондарчук: "Могу сделать так, что Верховная Рада исчезнет"

Roman Bondarchuk

– Tell us about the show.

On the Park there is a theater there and we had our performances. On average, we showed three or four shows a day, each lasting up to half an hour. Of course, this is a very interesting experience. However, given the constant heat, and not enough energy. Especially for the show was sewed new costumes, completely changed the style of the room, picked up the other music. The scenario I played driver, who arranges a test drive, and in one of the rooms I along with a team, using their own bodies showed a speeding car.

– Can you reveal the secret contract that you signed?

– As for international contracts, most often they are associated with obligations that you take on your team. For example, I am responsible for your appearance, and your props. I have to always be ready for any changes in the schedule. A large part of the contract in the Emirates is concerned more of the specifics of the country itself. For example, a separate paragraph was written, that I can’t touch the hands of the audience.

– What are your goals?

– At this point we took a break. Of course, there is a desire to repeat the show, which was in the October Palace, and tour Ukraine.

– See photos of the most famous illusionists in the world David Copperfield. Tell us how you met?

– I have to say that my career I owe it to Copperfield. Because after I saw his show on TV, I decided to surprise people and make it a profession. With Copperfield, we met in Las Vegas after his show. It was an incredible experience to see live his childhood idol, sitting in the second row. And can you imagine my emotions when in the first stunt, during which disappear a few spectators, he called me on stage to assist him. For me it was just a shock! On a great part of the show I was watching not from the point of view of the viewer, and colleagues. I was worried that nothing happened. But of course he superprofessional. And despite his 62 years, doing 700 shows a year! And we met unplanned. After the show I approached the guard and asked him to convey to David my card. For the demand, as they say, do not take money. And when they found out that I am a magician, we were allowed to go backstage. We only had a few minutes, but we had a little chat and even have the whole family on memory.

Иллюзионист Роман Бондарчук: "Могу сделать так, что Верховная Рада исчезнет"

Roman Bondarchuk

You all his tricks solved?

– I can suggest how to do this or that number. But to say with 100 percent certainty is difficult, it’s a secret of every magician. When you watch the show live, you have fractions of seconds to solve the room, and to keep track of everything is simply impossible. To reveal other people’s secrets, I will not, I’m not invested millions in their creation. We must remember that the show is not only magic, but also a distraction. I can say that personally impressed me the most. It is the emergence over the auditorium of a huge flying saucer! Where it came from, I think, for most of the audience left a mystery. In General, I enjoy it when other magicians can surprise me. Surprise – it’s incredibly cool feeling.

And you don’t want your show to use his magic? Or is it unethical?

– So to speak. You can use the approach to the creation of the show and the process of work with the team. But the second Copperfield no interest. To make a name for yourself, you need at least other people’s tricks to modify so that the original was not read. In General, borrowing of the classic effects of one to one is a big problem in our field.

– What is the focus at this point in his career you think is the coolest?

The coolness depends on the perception of people. For example, in technical terms, focus can be difficult and costly, and the response to it can be with the public quite normal. And sometimes the simplest trick with only one coin can cause a person to fall into a stupor. Favorite at the moment, the focus is when I’m lying on the table, and I begin to disappear parts of the body. The cost of this accommodation – about 10 thousand dollars. All you need to understand that the focus is a costly pleasure. Moreover, the process of preparation sometimes takes a decent amount of time, and all the experiments cost money too.

Иллюзионист Роман Бондарчук: "Могу сделать так, что Верховная Рада исчезнет"

Roman Bondarchuk

Once you have done so, directly to the NSC “Olympic” in the eyes of the public disappeared ten-ton excavator. Tell us how you prepared for this room?

– Initially I got a call from the Agency and asked what a room we can offer the client in order to surprise him. At that time I was walking down the street, I didn’t have time for the calculation of the entire amount, so I called the numbers almost at random. And the client took it and he agreed (laughs). That was the fastest transaction in my life.

– So you have confirmed the creation of focus, not knowing how it will perform?

Theoretically nowadays it is possible to do everything. The only question in the budget. This is the room we prepared for almost three weeks. For comparison: abroad, our colleagues spend on these stunts, sometimes months.

– How much was this trick?

I understand your interest, but this is a commercial secret. But I will say that in the process of training, we went over budget in half. So part of the money I had to report from his own pocket.

– Wow!

– Yes, it happens. There are projects that we have to do what they say, to zero or even free. Just to know about us more people. To us in the CIS were not forced to disappear the excavator.

– As far as I know, the other part of your work is corporate. What are the most frequent wishes expressed by the customers?

– The most popular wish, when customers are asked to cut their wives or husbands (laughs). In General, all the tricks we try to cook individually, so even those who have seen our room, it was interesting to observe the process of the birth of magic. In General, when I work in interactive with the viewer, it touches the audience the most. Not necessarily that it was a Dubai Sheikh, the Prime Minister of Italy or the ex-the President of Kazakhstan. Although such an experience in my piggy Bank there (smiles). The audience is incredibly react to it, when I guess the pin numbers of their cards or is levitation of objects.

– Are you familiar with the Russian illusionists brothers Afranowym. How do you evaluate their work?

Personally, I do not know, but was once on their performance. They work great. And yet they managed to gain a foothold on TV and become dollar millionaires, which is also very good. The only thing I don’t like that they reveal the secrets to their illusions. It is not ethical, to put it mildly.

– And you dreamed of his own show on Ukrainian television?

– Ambition, of course they are, so are looking for options for the implementation of these ideas. My main partner, Advisor and companion is my wife. Everything about the visual part of our show, directing is its merit. In this respect, she has an amazing taste. Although the profession my wife is a psychologist.

– A couple of years ago you said that you refused to use the glass in focus after the injury. After this has happened any accident during execution of the trick?

– Last summer I was invited to be a guest on a television project “the King of desserts”. In one of the rooms I was playing Russian roulette with knives.

It so happened that I got the wrong package, and stabbed his thumb with the knife. I had an incision about three inches. Present in the pavilion, the nurse tried to stop me the blood, and half of the grounds were covered in blood (laughs). Full recovery took me about seven months. But the most important is the incident occurred ten days before my departure to Abu Dhabi! That it really was brutal. How did I miss the knife, I still don’t know. I had a choice of six paper caps, and I had to guess which of them hides the knife… I put my hand on the empty package. Of course, when I began to feel that pierced hand, I stopped, but it was too late…

– How did you meet your future wife? Whether you throw for your spouse original surprises? For example, when they made her an offer of marriage?

– With Svetlana we met at one of the auditions in the TV show, after which we struck up a conversation. And, of course, because we are illusions, we periodically arrange each other surprises. For example, during a proposal of marriage, which I did at the Eiffel tower, I also used some tricks (laughs).

– You graduated from high school with a gold medal and even came to the Kiev Polytechnic University, but then decided to radically change his life, linking it with illusion. Do you have any higher education?

I don’t know the status of the diploma which I received in pop-circus Academy. I think it says that I have incomplete higher education. When I was at Polytech, I saw the advertisement of the festival of illusionists and decided to go there. There I learned that it can be learned, if you really want. So I changed my profession. As a child I loved to study, almost every subject has additionally engaged with Tutors. That is, the parents are seriously involved in my education. At KPI I studied at the faculty of physical engineering. But for the first year of study and not understand what would be involved in after graduation. But in any case, what I taught, even one year later I took. For example, the drawing I used when you consider some numbers. And if something breaks from props in preparation, I almost always know how to fix it.

– In one interview you said that you can make disappear “the Motherland” for 15 thousand Euro. And how much you will need to remove the Verkhovna Rada?

– (Laughs) I can do that, but again, it all depends on the technical conditions. At least I need a huge stage. But the budget say it is difficult. Think of the order of 50-100 thousand euros. But since I know some guys who were elected, I think, maybe give them still a chance to fix something in our country? They still haven’t done anything wrong, so they disappear along with the Parliament.

– As you consider whether to adopt some laws to foster the development of your sector?

– The main wish – that the Ukraine has come economic stability. To the Ukrainians every month to spend at least 500 hryvnias for cultural events. Although compared with European prices, and so the lowest. Moreover, when you are the organizer of her concert, it’s more like charity and promote his vanity, rather than on making money. However, with my first concert, I still helped the company “Kvartal-Concert”, thank them for that.

– Why not take part in the TV talent show?

– I once had this experience. But due to the fact that at that time I didn’t have a decent repertoire, I failed the audition. But I’m not offended. You need to always remember that every show is just a show! It is very important not only the number, but when you are with him, and even the mood of the judges.

– What is your relationship with sports?

– While I do actively talk about how I’m active in sports (laughs). But of course, I try to keep the body in working condition. For this is enough for me a 40-minute cardio and light exercises.

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