The illusionist wanted to repeat the famous stunt and disappeared under water

Famous magician Cancala Lahiri went missing in the river, according to police in India

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Иллюзионист хотел повторить знаменитый трюк и бесследно исчез под водой

Cancala Lahir

Magician and illusionist from India Cancala Laher, also known as Mandrake the Magician, disappeared under the water after he tried to repeat the famous stunt Harry Houdini – “Liberation”.

The man was bound with chains and six locks, and then lowered with the boat in the river Hooghly, one of the arms of the Ganges. It was planned that he will be able to safely swim to the surface vacant. However, something went wrong and the magician has gone missing.

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“The body of a man they are looking for police, rescuers and volunteers, but no clues there. In the river man performed the trick “Release”. When diving he needed to free himself from the iron shackles,” – writes in Facebook Professor of political science Osman Dube.

According to the local police officer, a magician might not be declared dead until his body is found.
A local photographer Jayant Shaw spoke with the magician before the trick and asked him why he risks his life. “If I do, then magic happens, if you make a mistake is a tragedy,” said Lahiri. He wanted to find the trick to return the interest in magic tricks.

Recall, video blogger from Australia, has published on its YouTube channel a short video which shows the trick with the “tearing” of the finger. In addition, spouses magicians have set a new record in speed dressing for a minute.

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