The IMF assessed the risk of default in Ukraine

МВФ оценил риск дефолта в Украине

The head of the IMF office in Ukraine told about the risk of default in the country due to debt repayments in 2019.

The International monetary Fund expressed confidence in the ability of Ukraine to repay debts on loans of the previous years. As transfers the Internet edition of the, about this stated the head of the IMF office in Ukraine Jost Longman in an interview with the online edition of FinClub.

However, in his opinion, the combination of the NBU’s policy aimed at accumulation of foreign exchange reserves, and substantial financial support from the international community means that Ukraine will be able to service its debt obligations.

However, the situation remains fragile. In the past six months, the international capital markets was affected by a certain instability.

In these circumstances, Ukraine needs to maintain macroeconomic stability, reduce its debt, structural reforms that will attract investors and thus enhance growth, explains Longman.

“If we continue the tax and budget policy in its current direction, the proportion of public debt to GDP will decline. All activities mentioned in the program supported by the IMF, aimed at reducing public debt,” he said.

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