The impact of the city center works at the heart of the general assembly of the Dynamique lunelloise

The impact of the city center works at the heart of the general assembly of the Dynamique lunelloise

Elected officials in force to attend the Dynamique general meeting. Midi Libre – JPS

The impact of the city center works at the heart of the general assembly of the Dynamique lunelloise

De nouveaux panneaux indiquant que les commerces restent ouverts pendant les travaux, ont été présentés aux commerçants. Midi Libre – JPS

La municipalité est venue en force, vendredi soir, à la salle des Trophées, pour tenter de répondre à toutes les questions des commerçants du centre-ville touchés par le chantier de Métamorph’Ose.

Once is not customary, the general meeting of the merchants' association La Dynamique lunelloise, which was held this Friday evening at the Trophy Hall arenas, took on a somewhat particular character. Construction sites oblige, the reports of circumstances (moral and financial) have been largely eclipsed by the various questions focused on current events in the heart of the city.

Large numbers of municipal elected officials

While the municipality has entered, since the beginning of November, into the hard work of its Métamorph’Ose project of the urban center, and the construction sites are becoming more widespread, the meeting gave a new opportunity to the many impacted traders, (even if they had not come en masse) to try to maintain hope. Indeed, faced with the falling turnover percentages which have been recorded by several of them, between – 20 and – 40% in February, the municipal elected officials who came in very large numbers (almost a dozen including Mayor Pierre Soujol) largely repeated « that what is disturbing today will be a real added value tomorrow, we are on a parenthesis », dixit Pierre Soujol.

An attempt to find solutions

in unison with the municipality, MP Patrick Vignal, underlined the importance of urban renewal to revitalize city centers: « Commerce is essential but if there is no one living in the city center anymore it is complicated. Now, outside, people understand that it is something is happening in Lunel, re-enchanting the city center through the redevelopment of public space, rental permits, renovation of facades, it takes time but it’s a priority < /em>, he insisted.

The question of the business property tax (CFE)

An optimism for the future which was far from being the only answer given to traders' questions. In fact, lasting more than an hour, the discussions, sometimes with the technical support of representatives of the consular chambers, mainly focused on the search for solutions to concrete problems. Among the many subjects that were discussed, there was notably the question of the Land Contribution (CFE) owed by companies and collected by the Agglomeration. « Is there no way to be exempt, even if only partially ? », asked a trader Caladons. Pierre Soujol first indicated that he had already contacted the general directorate of public finances on the issue with, for the moment, a negative response. But the discussion allowed us to move forward a little. A second letter will be written specifying that the heart of the city affected by the work is one of the sectors classified by the State as Priority Districts of the City. ” Will the State reconsider its position ? to follow.

 Exemption from extended terrace fees ?

In the same way, concerning the exemption from terrace fees currently reserved for Cours Péri and only for the duration of the work, the municipality responded rather favorably to a request for more information. rsquo;extension to the entire perimeter impacted by the construction sites and for the entire year 2024. Pierre Soujol asked his « Minister of Finance Michel Créchet » to see what it was possible to do between now and the next municipal council, at the beginning of April.

The Sunday food market will remain

On the other hand, at the request of a merchant to suspend the Sunday food market on the Baroncelli aisles, « Sunday has become a catastrophic day for food in the city center, this competition is hurting us very badly », she insisted, Pierre Soujol opposed an end of firm non-receipt. « This market was set up because there was a strong expectation from the population, the idea today is to build the loyalty of stalls which will then be positioned around the church, he announced. Deputy Vignal, for his part, added: « A market is 30% more customers. »

Questions around the halls

The sedentary traders questioned the municipality on several subjects concerning the markets. They would like the markets to be open all day on Saturday. Pierre Soujol said « completely agree » with this request but he recalled that « the contract which binds the City (owner of the halls) to the stalls does not provide for this. » Pierre Soujol indicated that he would discuss the question with the commission des halles, specifying that he would look for « a form of membership, otherwise implementation will be complicated. » On the other hand, the City could be much more firm on the opening of all stalls 6 days a week. Furthermore, regarding the state of the market halls, Pierre Soujol recognized that « the building requires a complete renovation but the extent of the work is one year. It is therefore necessary to find a place to accommodate the stalls. » The mayor suggested an idea « which I have not yet shared with anyone, we could benefit from the liberation of the République hospital in 2026. » to be continued.

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