The importance of resume in hand, according to Denis Coderre

L’importance de se reprendre en main selon Denis Coderre

After his defeat against the current mayor of Montreal in 2017, Coderre pointed out that he “still had things to settle” and that he decided, after a deep introspection, to ” reset “.

“We judge a home to its foundation, illustrates the former mayor of Montreal on the waves of QUB radio. It is important to take charge and take care of yourself, both on the mental plane than a physical one. From there, you have the ideas much more clear. […] Each event is an opportunity (to take control). “

And Coderre took advantage of his defeat, a rare moment of respite in his life, to make the point and to adopt healthy habits.

“We all pass through the denial, anger and a whole range of emotions. A certain resilience is needed (to get hand). […] This help you save the life. A given moment, you say to yourself that if you let yourself go, this will be the end. “

The mayor also took the opportunity of its passage on the mic with Caroline St-Hilaire to reiterate his desire to see the port of the mask mandatory in Montreal, at least in the public transport.

Although he stresses never to have completely left the political life, he claims that ” for the moment “, a return, ” it is not “.

Listen to the full interview of Denis Coderre.

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