The independence day of Ukraine to 2019: events on August 24

Events on the Day of independence of Ukraine on August 24

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День Независимости Украины 2019: афиша мероприятий 24 августа

The Independence Day Of Ukraine 2019

August 24 we annually celebrate the independence Day of Ukraine. Previously, we have made a selection of interesting trails where you can go to the independence Day of Ukraine on 24 August the whole family. Now, we offer you a list of interesting events that will take place this afternoon in Kiev.

Watch the video that will be in the capital instead of the parade:

It is worth noting that on August 24, the independence Day of Ukraine 2019, for the first time in many years, there will be a military parade.

The independence day of Ukraine to 2019: classic picnic. Ukrainian poem

Independence Day of Ukraine 2019, 24 August at 19:00 national ensemble of soloists “Kyiv Camerata” invites to a concert “classic picnic. Ukrainian poem” that sounds at the square in front of the National Museum of history of Ukraine. Ensemble under the baton of Valery Matyukhin will perform music by Ukrainian composers. The program will include works by Yevhen Stankovych, Dmitry Bortniansky, Rheingold Glier, Ivan karabits, Victoria Field.

Admission is free.

The poster measures at 24 August: flower show

At the Song festival grounds August 24 at 10:00 in honor of Independence day opens the traditional exhibition of flowers. This time it will be dedicated to the best Ukrainian athletes who glorified our country to the whole world and became pride of the nation. The main characters of floral installations will be: the Klitschko brothers, Andriy Shevchenko, Serhiy Bubka, Valery Lobanovsky, Yana Klochkova, Lilia Podkopayeva, Oksana Baiul, Olga Harlan.

Entrance to the exhibition is free.

День Независимости Украины 2019: афиша мероприятий 24 августа

The Independence Day Of Ukraine

The event on the independence Day of Ukraine: the Race to the embroidered

The distance of the race ranges from 100 m to 1 km race is open to participants aged two years and older. The main thing – to wear embroidered. And, of course, it is important that you have no contraindications for health reasons. The event is held on rusanovskaya embankment and starts August 24 at 8:00.

The cost of participation-450 UAH.

Earlier, we made a poster of events – where to go on Independence Day of Ukraine 2019.

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