The inimitable Bill Lee

The Inimitable Bill Lee


Bill Lee has traveled all over North America in order to introduce people to baseball and above all, to have fun playing the sport.  

The former left-handed gunner will never have his niche in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but he should be given a special place.

He pitched in the majors and he developed a style all his own every time he jumped onto the court to tread a mound. 

He had no equal to cheer up the audience! 

Make no mistake. Bill has had an extensive record.

He spent 14 seasons in the MLB, playing for the Boston Red Sox and the Expos, compiling a record of 119  wins and 90 losses, with an ERA of 3.62.

And he can still boast of having spent 1944 innings on the mound, having allowed only 2122 blows safe.

The Californian began his career on June 25, 1969 and played his last game on May 7, 1982. 

His love for Montreal

< p>Others would have tried to imitate him, but they would not have succeeded.

Bill had a knack for making the spectators accept his antics…regardless of their age!

During his many trips across America, Bill stopped off in Quebec City to face the Capitals.

As soon as he saw me, he hugged me and shouted: “M-O-N-T-R-É-A-L! “, in almost impeccable French!

He had fallen in love of the Quebec metropolis and had also established his home in the Eastern Townships.

Out of danger

When he s slumped during a warm-up in the bullpen on Friday, I'm sure he may have been thinking, “If I'm going to take my last breath, it should be on a mound, that's where I'm going.” spent my life, so…”

He was practicing pitching in the uniform of the Bananas of Savannah, Georgia, a club in the Coastal Plain League of baseball, when he lost consciousness.

The 75-year-old man was taken to hospital and there are no fears for his life.

Bravo, Bill ! Here is another fight you will win. 

The inimitable Bill Lee