The inner adventure of Klo Pelgag

L’aventure intérieure de Klô Pelgag

The artist Klo Pelgag unveiled on Friday a third album in career, called “Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs” entirely crossed by the aura that lasts for the singer this small village of the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

“It’s almost weird how much the experience, and the final result is consistent with this idea, the Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs”, first explains the artist Klo Pelgag about his new album and the meaning it carries to his eyes.

“It is a village through which we passed in my childhood when we would go to my grandparents,” she recalls. It was the Gaspé peninsula to the bottom of the river, I had an idea of what it should look like because it is a name of city super strong and super heavy. Not only is this painful, but there are “seven”. It remained in my mind, and years later it has resurfaced.”

An island

The composition of the album, which lasted from December 2018 to July 2019, was a period of disorder and difficult for the singer, precisely to the image of the idea that it was from this small village of the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

“Everything has taken its meaning from the moment where I had lived for the trajectory between the start and the end of the recording. For me, this album is an adventure on many levels, but among other things, a personal view of healing, in fact,” sums up Klo Pelgag.

“At the beginning, I wasn’t really good, I was very ill, I was in a state where I had almost made the grief to find happiness,” she continues. And at the end of the writing process, I felt better, I was in a better place in my life, and while we were on vacation in the bottom of the river in the family home, we decided to go see Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs.”

While the artist began to see the coming of happier days, the idea more dark and hard as it was, this small village is beautified also.

“At this point, by searching on the map, I discovered that it was an island. I didn’t know it yet, ” says the one who is a native of the Gaspé peninsula. From there, I just was amazed. I had imagined a village a bit of a dying desert, but ultimately it is an island where there is a thirty inhabitants, where there are no shops, the roads are in earth, everything is in its natural state, super beautiful wooden houses. It had no relation to what I had imagined. And it was in tune with the course I had done.”


It resulted in an album of 12 songs to the poetry that is always colorful and well felt, that we listen to from one end to the other like a large trip, such as a proposal that stands throughout.

“As with every album, I try to lean back the most possible in music what I feel when I do it,” continues the composer. I mostly wanted to not repeat myself. I wanted to go elsewhere, I felt that I needed to challenge myself. At the start, it was still quite giddy to throw myself into this year-here, in this momentum-there, especially as I was full of stuff that needed to be named, be called, out of me.”

First announced in the month of April, the release of the album was eventually postponed because of the pandemic of the COVID-19, and the effect it has had on the cultural milieu. While his new album is now unveiled, what is it that draws then to the artist?

“It is a little in the void for what is shows in this time, but I don’t think about it, I’ll take it when it will come, indicates Klo Pelgag with a serene calmness. We are going to prepare, we’re going to start up the show and we will be ready when it will happen.”

The album “Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs” is available since Friday.

The composition for Klo Pelgag

The musical style of Klo Pelgag is now well anchored on the artistic scene in québec. If she knows how to reinvent itself to each of its albums, a signing in the spring all the same, often defined by music environments disjointed, arrangements very original and no ready-made formulas, and through which a sense of melody always managed to break through.

“I follow my instinct, supported from the outset the musician when asked about how she composes. For me, I think my strength in music, it is an instinct.”

The artist does not impose a discipline fixed and clamped, through which the method of working would be always the same. It does not always start with the lyrics or with the music. “No, never, it was never that,” she said in a way trench.

“And for this album, I had the desire to change my way of working so it leads me elsewhere, continues to Klo Pelgag. I’ve been working more with a software in parallel. Often, I dealt with it at the same time that I wrote the music and I wrote the words, these three layers are then advanced at the same time, and it gave me the inspiration for the suite.”

“I also bought some synthesizers, what I had not before, to feed the direct relationship between my brain and the melody, and my design of the arrangements,” adds the artist. That’s how I got to make arrangements on the song of The yellow house.”

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