The innocent drawing of his little girl deemed sexual

The innocent drawing of his little girl deemed sexual


A mother is furious with the school where her 11-year-old daughter is educated. 

According to Michigan resident Sierra Carter, alleges, Hanover-Horton Elementary School confiscated the girl's drawing which it deemed inappropriate. 

Ms. Carter came out on TikTok in front of her nearly 10,000 followers. < /p>

“I can't make this shit up,” she says.

The school called her to tell her that the project her daughter drew in her class of art was wrong.

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“A young boy would have told my daughter that she had drawn boy genitals on her pig and it seemed like everyone was making a fuss about it,” Sierra Carter says.

“My daughter replied that she had drawn a loop for her pig,” she adds.

The girl's teacher allegedly confiscated all of her drawings and insisted that she should show his artistic project to the deputy director. 

Ms. Carter went to school the next day. “I was brought into an office with the director and a social worker. When they showed me his project, I said: ❝No, but you are kidding me!❞ I knocked on the table and told them: ❝I am outraged. It's a fucking loop!❞” says the mom.

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Director saw organs too genitalia continued Ms. Carter. “For my daughter, it is a buckle and a tie. If other children see something else in it, it seems to me that it is they who have a problem, not her”, she supports.

The school will not sanction her daughter, but will keep their drawings in case the child draws something inappropriate again according to the school. “My daughter has never done anything inappropriate. She never even talked about female or male genitalia. She never drew any at home or at school,” says the mother.