The instinct authoritarian a president in the end of the road

L’instinct autoritaire d’un président en fin de route

While the polls are unfavorable to president Trump accumulate, his penchant authoritarian and his reflexes anti-democratic assert.

The authoritarianism of Donald Trump and the concern that, in its mandate to the health of democratic institutions in the United States are nothing new.

The latest news provides us with new examples that would normally trigger the alarm, but this presidency has not much that is normal.

Of the paramilitary forces

In Portland, Oregon, federal agents in military dress recently improvised police to break up demonstrations against racial injustices.

These officers are mandated to protect the federal buildings, but their actions went much further and there are reports of many examples of peaceful protesters brutalized by agents that were not identified or inspected without a warrant in vehicles that are not official.

These federal employees have no right to do so, but the president has promised to multiply this kind of intervention in cities democrats ” that he blames for having lost control of events.

Above the market, orders from the department of homeland Security come of an acting secretary, whose terms of reference should normally be in arrears.

A trend

This is not the only example of authoritarian behaviour on the part of this president in the recent news.

Just as worrisome is the mobilization of the department of Justice to conduct a vendetta against those responsible for the investigation on the links between his campaign of 2016, and Russian agents.

Not only Trump has used his power of forgiveness to reward his friend Roger Stone having lied to protect him against criminal charges, but he seems determined to punish those who sought to shed light on these accusations.

The reflex authoritarian Trump was palpable in his interview to Fox News last Sunday, when he said he was ready to change the laws in several areas under the powers that he claims to have, even if nobody has had in the past.

Political advantage ?

It is not clear that these manifestations of authoritarianism assist the president in his quest for re-election.

Rather, it seems that Donald Trump is seeking to compensate for the weakness of his re-election campaign by deploying the power of the presidency, and testing the limits of his powers.

It will impress perhaps the trumpistes fans, but it will not help Trump to recover voters who have abandoned him.

For example, while one of the main reasons for the downfall of Trump in the polls is the massive loss of support among women, its actions in Portland have prompted thousands of women to form a “wall of mothers” (Wall of Moms) in the face of federal agents, who responded by spraying them illegally tear gas.

This instinct authoritarian will probably not be enough to allow Trump to avoid defeat in November, but the problem is that it will also likely to contest by all means any electoral outcome that would be unfavourable. It promises to.

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