The introduction of visas for Americans in the EU turned out to be fake

Major media apologized for the misinformation.The US recently experienced a disinformation attack – several media outlets reported the cancellation bezveza with the European Union, and subsequently was forced to apologize for false information, reports the with reference on the European truth.

In the Internet appeared the portal copying the style of the websites of the EU and contains little mention of the fact that it is a commercial and not a governmental project. Among other things, this website announced the resumption of visa regime with the EU for Americans, stating that visas will be issued through the system ETIAS.

Recall, this system provides for the creation of a unified database of travellers (including citizens of Ukraine), which 2021 must register your passport to use the visa-free regime when travelling to the Schengen countries.

On 8 March a number of influential American media (in particular CNN, Newsweek and the Chicago fox32news) quoted this “news” and the British Independent even filed it as “quote of the representative of the EU.” The rebuttal had to join the state Department and the Embassy of the EU in the US, and a real European ETIAS separately reminded that authorization is not a visa.

As a result, American media such as CNN, was forced to apologize to readers and to fix flaws in its news.


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