The irresponsible and the old without-plan of the COVID

Les irresponsables et les vieux sans-dessein de la COVID

After months isolated without being able to do the feast and have a change of minds, the déconfinement as much in Quebec than in our neighbours to the South causes of the slippages. Social distancing is not always respected and outbreaks of cases of COVID-19 are identified.

Moreover, the public health directorate of the Montérégie appeal to customers who have visited the Mile Public House in Quartier DIX30, on the 30th of June, because of cases of COVID-19 confirmed.

That think the psychologist Gilles Vachon of the attitude of some who refuse to wear the mask, which does not comply with the 2-meter, and who take lightly the risk of contracting the coronavirus while others follow exactly the rules, creating friction between the two groups in the passage.

“There is a police officer and an offender in each of us. When it is our case, we are ready to move to the side of the rules, especially if it has a little bit of fun and to impose our rules on others when we are afraid”, grade psychologist.

“All this social tension is beginning to divide people between the irresponsible who do not protect themselves and the other old no-plan”, illustrates Gilles Vachon, who laments the situation.

*** See the full interview with the psychologist Gilles Vachon, in the video above

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