The island of Cape Breton in the sight of the extreme German right?

L'île du Cap-Breton dans la mire de l'extrême droite allemande?

Hundreds of Germans, followers of currents of thought related to the far-right would like to settle on the island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, shows a report in magazine Der Spiegel published last Thursday.

According to the information obtained by the magazine, who spoke with a thirty sources, leaders of the extreme German right would have purchased properties on the island of Cape Breton and sell to Germans sharing their ideology.

The magazine advance, in his report, that the activists of the extreme right Andreas Popp and Eva Herman, a former reader of the new returned to his radical opinion, welcome on the island of Cape Breton, where they still remain, supporters for a one-week seminar. They would then offer to buy a property on the island, since Canada is presented as being stable and secure, in contrast to Germany which, according to them, would be on the verge of collapse.

The two activists manage the YouTube channel Wissensmanufaktur (factory of knowledge), on which they share videos, in which, for example, they decry the “hoax” of the COVID-19, l'”invasion” of Europe by migrants and various conspiracy theories. A video – rendered inaccessible since the publication of the report – showed on the island of Cape Breton, while another always available showcases Andreas Popp discover the Cabot trail, to friends in the winter.

A company run by Frank Eckhardt, F. E. Property Sales, would be to facilitate the sale of the properties and the immigration to Canada of German charmed by Nova Scotia. Mr. Eckhardt is known as a person denying the existence of the Holocaust, an idea that would share Andreas Popp, according to Der Spiegel.

The magazine reports that the activists would seek to develop a “colony” of people sharing their opinions and conspiracy theories. A few hundreds of followers would already be interested, or have already moved in on the island of Cape Breton.

“The seminar is a kind of brain washing. And if you buy a plot of land in Cape Breton or in Nova Scotia after a week of seminar with Andreas Popp, you have to be a follower. I can not imagine that you buy something, in these circumstances, without believing the ideas of Mr. Popp,” explained the author of the report, the journalist Martin Doerry, at the Cape Breton Post.

A company helping in the organisation of seminars, Cape Breton Real Solutions, has dismissed the allegations of the media German. The president-general director of the company, Jürgen Gindner, told the Cape Breton Post that Mr. Popp and Ms. Herman are people who are “friendlies” who have ideas conservative, but “do not belong to the extreme right”.

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