The Islanders play big in the 'Mega Millions' lottery

Islanders play big in 'Mega Millions' lottery


If they didn't win the National League Draft lottery, in May, the New York Islanders will bounce back as they try to win the 'Mega Millions' lottery jackpot , Friday. 

The jackpot, worth $1.28 billion, is the second largest prize in the history of this lottery. 

To achieve their goals, the National League team paid $50,000, as part of their 50th anniversary, and thus procured 25,000 tickets.

“As we prepare to celebrate a historic 50th anniversary, we want to show our appreciation to our season ticket holders and staff by offering them a chance to participate in this huge 'Mega Millions' lottery.” , team co-owner Jon Ledecky said in a statement.

In the event of a win, all proceeds will be donated to season ticket holders, lodge holders, team staff and the Foundation for children of the Islanders. If the Big Apple squad wins less than $250,000, however, all money will be donated to the Foundation.

“Revenue generated from ticket purchases will be dedicated to education in the New York State, so regardless of the outcome of this historic raffle, significant funds will go towards education,” added Ledecky.

The raffle was scheduled to take place at 11 p.m. Friday night.