The ISS astronauts are faced with unexpected difficulties

Астронавты МКС столкнулись с неожиданными трудностями

This is the first time members of the ISS crew into space this year

During the release on Friday into outer space aboard the International space station (ISS) by American astronauts had technical problems during installation one of the new batteries for the solar panels, according to the National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA), writes the with reference for Today.

According to reports, due to a stuck screw them some time not been able to Unscrew one of the adapter panels for battery connection, is stored on an external storage platform to the ISS.

According to the astronauts, after several ineffectual attempts they had with the force to Unscrew the panel.

After successfully detaching the front panel, the astronauts continued the installation of the third and last part of the job of the battery on the reference segment P4 truss ISS, which carries a pair of solar panels.

As reported, on Friday U.S. astronauts went into space aboard the International space station (ISS) to replace the old Nickel-hydrogen batteries on a new, more powerful lithium-ion batteries.

This is the first time members of the ISS crew into space this year, and 214th in the history of the station. Astronauts Anne McClain and Nick Haig went beyond the station from the U.S. Quest airlock at 15:05 GMT. During the 6.5-hour spacewalk they have to install three new battery on the outside of the ISS.

New batteries were delivered to the ISS in September of last year, the seventh Japanese cargo spacecraft H-II Transfer Vehicle (abbr. – HTV-7).

System upgrade of the power station began in January of 2017, when the two astronauts in space, the astronauts installed six of these batteries. The spent battery packs will continue with a mechanical hand-manipulator Canadarm-2 transferred to a Japanese cargo ship that in the descent from orbit will burn in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

After installation of new batteries, the service life is 10 years, they will be charged from the solar panels of the ISS, the station transmitting the energy in those periods of time when she is in the shadow of the Sun.

According to NASA, on March 29 also plans to perform the first ever spacewalk from the ISS with the participation alone of women astronauts- American women Anne McClain and Christine Koch, who will continue the installation of new more energy-batteries for solar panels of the station.

Another spacewalk the crew of the ISS is scheduled for April 8.


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