The Jackals do it again in the Capitals

The Jackals do it again at Capitals


The Quebec Capitales suffered their second comeback in as many days against the New Jersey Jackals, this time losing 5-2 at Yogi Berra Stadium on Wednesday. 

A day after escaping a 5-2 lead before collapsing 11-5, Patrick Scalabrini's men ran out of gas again late in the game. Receiver Jason Agresti, who had produced three runs the day before, was once again one of the visitors' torturers. He hit a game-winning three-run home run off reliever Franklin Parra (2-1) to end hostilities.  

It's a heartbreaking result for Parra , called to the mound for the ninth inning, who had two strikeouts before becoming responsible for his team's misfortune.

Miguel Cienfuegos, starting pitcher for the “Caps”, had given his team every chance to win, allowing only two earned runs to the Jackals on seven hits in six innings of work. Only an optional from Dalton Combs and a sacrifice fly from George Bell Jr. had allowed New Jersey to register in the scoring.

For their part, the Capitals experienced a dry breakdown on offense, only hitting four total hits in the game. Marc-Antoine Lebreux was however the first to score, on a mistake by the receiver in the first inning. Jeffry Parra had doubled his side's lead moments later with a solo homer.

Angelo Baez didn't have the victory on his record, but excelled in the hosts' victory. He allowed just one earned run in six innings, then relievers Dylan Peiffer, Hansel Rodriguez and Jose A. Ramirez (4-2) muzzled their rivals late in the game.

The team from the Old Capital will try to stop their slide of five consecutive defeats on Thursday, when they close this series of three games against the Jackals.