The jackets were not in the rented boat

Les vestes n’étaient pas dans le bateau loué

Lambton | the Two witnesses of the disappearance of their friend, 17-year-old in the waters of the Great lake Saint-François in the eastern Townships Sunday, do not understand that the rental company had not given life jackets.

“It is once arrived in the middle of the water we realized that there was no floatation jacket on board. They searched everywhere in the boat and you did not find them, ” said Youssef, who preferred not to reveal his family name.

The trio has rented a motor boat and a filler, the Complex, The Source, near Lambton.


Relatives indicated that the victim was on the filler, when it sank to the bottom of the water after he tried to cling to it.

On their page Facebook, the trade has indicated that it ” cooperates fully with the authorities and that the rules and protocols established by Transport Canada have been respected “.

“The driver of the pleasure boat confirms that it is the boat personal floatation devices or life jackets,” one can read on the contract that was signed Youssef.

The Complex The Source did not want to answer our questions.

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