The Japanese want to build the international linear Collider

Японцы хотят построить Международный линейный коллайдер

The international linear Collider (ILC), which will be released in Japan, still remains suspended in the air project, the Japanese authorities, according to publications of the Physics World, and Science News, can’t make a definite decision on the construction of the grandiose object.

In Tokyo once again appealed to the international Committee on future accelerators of particles with a request to find partners (they may be other governments and major international organisations) that could help Japan with the construction of the International linear Collider, reports the with reference to

Collider ILC should become the world’s largest facility for experiments with particle acceleration. The energy of the Collider will be from five hundred to a thousand GeV.

Previously it was assumed that the plant will be built in Europe or the United States, but from 2013, the year the Collider design is developed with consideration of accommodation in the Iwate Prefecture.

The project cost is estimated at seven and a half billion American dollars, so officials from the country of the rising sun refer to the construction of the Collider cautious – the Japanese do not believe that they are capable of such a serious investment. It is assumed that the construction of the Collider will receive a “green light” only if the project will involve additional funding sources.


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