The jazz to weather the storm

Le jazz pour traverser la tempête

Norah Jones no longer had the intention of putting out an album. That, and she had clearly announced a few years ago. However, it recurrence today with Pick Me Up Off the Floor, an all-new offering well expected of the fans. The singer would she be back on its decision ? Not exactly. “This is the music that decided. I did only listen to it “, let it fall.

“In my head, Pick Me Up Off the Floor was not to be an album. It was never my plan, ” insisted the singer at the end of the wire.

In fact, this new album launched yesterday, was to be distilled at the rate of one song at a time. But this new will adopted three years ago, the prioritization of the individual songs rather than complete albums, has completely changed his way of working. And the result proved to be more inspiring than anticipated.

“It has given me the opportunity to work with new collaborators, people with whom I would otherwise not been able to work. We got together to make music, without too much commitment. Anyway, just for the fun of it. And this, it inspired me a lot. I had the impression that each of these encounters was like a new log, which I threw into the fireplace. The fire soon became very, very big “, she explains.

“A coherent whole “

Result : nearly a score of songs have quickly seen the light of day. In a first time, seven have been launched one at a time, and then collected in Begin Again, an EP appeared in the spring of 2019.

The other, they have never been forgotten. The demos have remained stored well keep it in a playlist inside the phone Norah Jones.

“I am surprise to listen to them constantly, to change the order while I was walking just with my headphones in the ears. They did not leave never my mind, and I felt that they were all related in some way. Without even realizing it, I had created an entire album, is a well-coherent. I could not do otherwise than to launch it, ” says she.

And this is what she has done. Pick Me Up Off the Floor finally arrived on the market yesterday. Norah Jones admits that he’s keen to start a full pandemic, rather than waiting for a possible lull.

“We do not know when, nor how. The planet is on pause at the moment, the future is uncertain… So, why exactly wait ? The music, it doesn’t hurt anyone. On the contrary. And if in this time my songs can bring a little comfort, if only a single person, somewhere, then it would make me happy “, she says.

“We will get through it “

Besides, in interview to the Newspaper, Norah Jones is reluctant to speak of this famous ” after “, this time where the music industry will be able to resume its normal course.

“I try not to think too much about it. I miss it very much to be able to play music with other people. I console myself by saying that I can still launch the music in spite of “, avance-t-it.

“I know that the after-crisis will be difficult. A lot of people at this time depend on shows to earn a living, then this is not easy for them financially. And from a creative point of view, it is also very difficult not being able to give concerts. But we will get through it. I don’t know when, but we will get out of it. That is all that matters, ” says Norah Jones.

The album, Pick Me Up Off the Floor is now available.

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