The jewel of Accurso to protect itself from its creditors

Le joyau d’Accurso à l’abri de ses créanciers

Taxpayers may never see again the color of the tens of millions of dollars claimed, a giant of the construction fallen Tony Accurso, who recently committed his companies in proceedings to be declared insolvent.

The contractor, which was in 2014 a star of the Charbonneau commission before being found guilty of having participated in a vast scheme of corruption, Laval, definitely makes the weapons.

Behind the scenes, it performs, since the month of January of the steps before the superior Court for protection from its creditors. He owes them more than$ 256 Million, according to the documents consulted by our Office of investigation.

Tony Accurso explained to the court wanting to file a proposal to those to whom he owes money.

The public authorities, as the federal and provincial governments and the City of Montreal, to him, are claiming more than$ 180 Million.

But as the net assets of the entrepreneur are worth, at most, a dozen of million $, the taxpayers may never recover the crumbs, if there is any left.

“Apparently insolvent “

The $ million claimed by the government in connection with fees allegedly unpaid, but also with lawsuits for amounts that would have been paid in excess for dirty tricks alleged in public contracts. Accurso denies these remedies.

“The scale of claims has the effect of making the plaintiff apparently insolvent “, recognise the prosecutors of Tony Accurso in a request made under the Act creditors arrangement companies.

“[The company] is currently unable to meet its obligations as they become due “, see also John Gagnon, the liquidator of the firm of Raymond, Chabot, in charge of the case.

These procedures do not relate to the personal assessment of the entrepreneur, who still owns a residence valued at nearly$ 3 Million on the edge of the water, Two-Mountains.

His lawyer, Marc Labelle, had however referred to the impending bankruptcy of the contractor to attempt to get a prison sentence reduced in June 2018, in the case of Laval. “At this time, Mr. Accurso, he still has his house “, he pleaded.

Company ” untouchable “

Tony Accurso has fallen from the top. He presided over the formerly largest empire québécois de la construction, which he inherited from his father immigrated from Italy, before making it explode in size from the early 1980s.

With its firms Louisbourg and Simard-Beaudry, Accurso had a total of 3500 employees and a turnover of over a billion $. He constructed roads, bridges, structures for Hydro-Québec, of the buildings, and was even launched in the restoration.

“I’ve always wanted to build a company that is untouchable. […] I wanted to magnify, to enlarge, and enlarge the company, ” said Accurso in November 2017 within the framework of his trial for corruption in Laval.

Today, a chart presented to the court for the place at the head of a handful of companies number that are not worth much. Its jewel of the past, Simard-Beaudry, is “not of operations” and the ” two employees “.

The contractor has until tomorrow to submit a plan of arrangement with its creditors.

He had built an empire

Today in the article of death, the empire of Tony Accurso has obtained large contracts in the past three decades

The building of the FTQ

Impossible to miss when you are driving on highway 40 in Montreal. Its construction lasted for three years.

“This is a building that is extremely complex. […] It was necessary to dig eight floors of parking below, and discover the tube of the subway. He needed to figure out the tube without making it fall to the ground, ” said Mr. Accurso during his trial.

The multimedia City

Companies Accurso participated in two of the nine phases of this complex of office buildings developed at the turn of the years 2000 in collaboration with SOLIM, the deceased real estate arm of the Fund FTQ.

In the north of Quebec

These are the men of Accurso, who have conducted the project of diversion of the Rupert river, James Bay, in 2008. “It was a mega-project to Hydro-Québec. To me, this is the kind of job that excited me “, remembered Accurso during his testimony at his trial for corruption, Laval, 2017.

The Galeries Laval and the Tops

Tony Accurso has built this shopping centre with the financial assistance of the Fund FTQ. There was the famous entertainment complex Tops, opened in 1995 and closed its doors in 2011. With a capacity of 1200 people, it included a nightclub, two restaurants and a lounge with 55 machines vidéopoker.

“I thought that Laval was missing a place to have fun. […] This was THE place, and even, we are going to seek the Montreal world “, remembered Tony Accurso, in 2017.

The heat exchanger Acadia

This roundabout is at the top of one of the sections of the busiest highway 40. It has been redone from 2003 to 2005.

“It is the job of the more complex of the ministry of Transport that is ever given in Quebec. It took 34 foremen on this project, which lasted 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7 “, recalls Accurso, 2017.

The pont Jordi-Bonet

This book rebuilt in 2000 allows you to route 116 across the Richelieu river between Beloeil and Mont-Saint-Hilaire, in the Montérégie region.

“The structure was really magannée, it was necessary to remove the apron below, put beams and recouler another deck. It was complex work, ” according to the contractor.

The Touch

It is the luxurious yacht on which the businessman has received a good number of elected officials and union leaders for lounging. The ex-mayor of Terrebonne, Jean-Marc Robitaille, are stayed. Accurso has put the Touch to sell for$ 8.5 Million in 2010 before lowering the price to$ 5 Million, and finally to divest in 2014.

Tony Accurso in brief


  • Born in 1951 in Montreal
  • Has transformed the family business into an empire
  • Its companies Simard-Beaudry and Louisbourg is recognized guilty of tax evasion for$ 4 Million in 2010, following an investigation by Revenue Canada
  • Arrested by the Unité permanente anti-corruption in 2012 (Mascouche), and 2013 (Laval)
  • A witness at the Charbonneau commission in 2014
  • Acquitted in the folder Mascouche in February 2018
  • Guilty of fraud and corruption in Laval in 2018. He has been sentenced to four years in prison, but appealed the appeal.

The debts of Simard-Beaudry and Louisbourg

  • Canada revenue agency : 70,85 M$
  • The Canada revenue agency to other provinces : $9.65 Million
  • Agence du revenu du Québec : 25,65 M$
  • Government of Alberta : $10.1 Million
  • City of Laval: $22 Million
  • City of Montreal : $44 Million

► Total : 182,25$M

Source : Reports of the comptroller of Raymond Chabot

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