“The JMP event”: from the great Jean-Marc Parent

“The JMP event: from the great Jean-Marc Parent


Jean-Marc Parent returned to the Just for Laughs Festival on Friday evening, presenting for the first time since 2017 his mythical “Évènement JMP” at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier at Place des Arts.

Filled with surprises and unknowns, where slippages and time overruns are commonplace – you know when it starts, but you never know when it ends – Friday's event was no exception to the rule.

Combining music and humour, the 11th edition of this signature show brought together on stage Ève Côté, singer Nadja, who opened the evening, guitarist Jeff Smallwood and a DJ, who welcomed the guests.

Today considered a “must” of the Festival, Jean-Marc Parent, of course, told his last anecdotes of Florida, pills and hypochondria, but also about his health, his age – he has just turned 60 – and all that aging entails; the view that drops, the nocturnal orientation that is no longer quite there and the sexuality that is a little different, among other things because of dry ejaculation.

Arrived on stage when the public had risen to applaud him, the comedian who has thirty years of profession behind the tie was efficient, having fun and interacting a lot with the public. After all, the sixties and diabetes are the two themes that took up the most space before the presentation of the first guests.

“The doc says that I have to be careful with carbohydrates. I looked for what had no sugar, no carbohydrates: a 2 x 4 and nails”, he said in particular. He finally managed to find a carb-free bread; a bread that does not toast and smells of corpse and which must undoubtedly contain asbestos, then laughed the comedian.


Ève Côté took the stage at 9 p.m. This time solo, the comedian from Gaspé, who made a name for himself thanks to the duo Les grandes crues – which she formed with Marie-Lyne Joncas -, tested new material on Friday, in particular a number on family card games. quite olé olé, where Matante Thérèse turns into Thérèse “who calls you a bitch when she just has a stone in her game” and the naughty traits that her family bequeathed to her.

Her number has left her with urthermore earned a good reception from the public, despite the small memory lapse that rigged him up for a brief moment. The comedian was able to bounce back very well, encouraged by the crowd.

Guitarist Jeff Smallwood took the stage to play two Led Zeppelin souvenir hits as well as Dolly Parton's “Jolene”, accompanied by by Nadja.

Jean-Marc Parent will be back at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier at Place des arts this Saturday with the second round of “L’Événement JMP,” starting at 8 p.m.