The journalist refused to put on the red carpet because of “bad shoes”

The main Variety co-editor Claudia eller did not want to start at the Cannes film festival

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Журналистку отказались пускать на красную дорожку из-за "неудачной обуви"

Claudia Eller

During the Cannes film festival 2019 in France was a conflict between the event and the main co-editor of the American weekly magazine Variety Claudia eller. The journalist did not want to let on the red carpet due to improper shoes. She spoke about it on his Twitter page.

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“Last night, the idiots, the guards stopped me in front of the red carpet in Cannes and said that I can’t go to the premiere due to the fact that I dress shoes without heels. I scared them that will publish this video on Variety. Then let me in,” he complained eller Twitter.

Position Claudia eller supported Kristen Stewart, who ostentatiously took off her shoes at the same festival last year. Then she walked barefoot on the red carpet in protest against the official event dress code requiring women to wear high heel shoes.

Recall that the TV presenter paid for easy dress live. In addition, we wrote, the Ukrainian TV presenter strictly to embarrass live.

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