The judge of “Dancing with the stars” Catherine Kuhar was left without a “Valentine” and frivolity

Судья "Танцев со звездами" Екатерина Кухар осталась без "Валентина" и фривольностей

today, 12:47

Valentine’s Day famous Ukrainian ballerina Ekaterina Kuchar spoke about his TOP 5 observations about love and what a pleasant surprise did for her husband Alexander Stoyanov, who was in France on tour.

Судья "Танцев со звездами" Екатерина Кухар осталась без "Валентина" и фривольностей

Catherine Kuhar husband

So, a celebrity forgot to congratulate on the holiday and added that he went to Berlin for the international competition.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!

As an unusual woman, I decided to make my husband a “gift” on Valentine’s Day…. and flew to Berlin… On arrival at the hotel, open the suitcase, and there is a surprise from Sasha — a box of chocolates,” wrote Kuhar.

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Also the ballerina made the top 5 observations about love.

“And time is in the air love, I want to share my TOP 5 observations about the most beautiful feeling.

-Woman is a man’s face! He must be proud.

A woman should never forget that even with 20 years of experience in the first place not only close relative, and the Man! And he wants to see near himself the coveted WOMAN — lover, not just ally and the mother of his children. After 10 and 20 years should stay for my husband by the ocean: sometimes quiet, sometimes surging, attracting and changing, not swamp of the duckweed….

– A woman should be not only a loved and NECESSARY as air.

– Understanding without words….. If your man does not know how to “read” information about your emotions and internal state by the expression on your face and look, so it’s not your man

Love for me is not making process, but the ability to give and read the language of love men.

#languageoflove — by, touch, gifts☺, the time you devote to your loved one and actions.

I wish you all that your heart was full of love and primarily to yourself! And only then you will be able to gain a true feeling for each other!”, wished Kuhar.

Судья "Танцев со звездами" Екатерина Кухар осталась без "Валентина" и фривольностей

Catherine Kuhar husband

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Recall that Catherine Kuchar and Elena Kravetz had a fight on stage.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Catherine Kuhar has pleased fans with a new image, which appeared in a gentle manner with a light white cloak.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Catherine Kuchar put an unexpected photo posing with daughter Anastasia, which has long concealed from prying eyes.

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