The Jurassic Park back to the top

Le Parc Jurassique de retour au sommet

Taking advantage of the renewed popularity of drive-ins since the beginning of the pandemic, the movie The Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg, has made an unexpected return to the top of the box-office north american the end of last week, more than 27 years after its first theatrical release. Presented on 230 sites across the United States and Canada, the film from 1993 has collected 517 600 $ at the ticket windows from Friday to Sunday.

Anyway, it seems that Spielberg movies are popular in drive-ins, as another classic of the famous american filmmaker, teeth of the sea (Jaws), had a good success last weekend, amassing 516 300 dollars on 187 sites of projection. E. T. the extraterrestrial has also made a beautiful figure with a harvest of 126 to $ 100.

According to Deadline Hollywood, 160 of the 201 venues that have generated the most money at the box office in recent weeks are drive-ins. The situation should however change over the next few weeks with the reopening of several theatres in the United States and Canada.

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