The Kama Sutra under the sign of the slow

Le Kama Sutra sous le signe de la lenteur

The current period incentive to the slowdown. Even if you feel rushed, slow down. Social distancing requires ! More queues stretch, the more the patience is thin… but it is necessary to take his evil in patience ! After all, isn’t that wonderful ? Feel privileged to be able to even go to the store to buy food ? Then, breathe ! And if you were trying to do the same in your bed ? Take deep breaths, adopt positions to facilitate engage in sexual activity marked by slow and fun…

Erotic Positions

So here are four positions from the Kama Sutra, sufficiently described to allow you to experiment and enjoy the many joys of the erotic that are associated with it. Of course, at any time, make sure you follow the instructions of public health (in respect of the COVID-19, obviously, but also the STBBI), it is imperative !

1. The upside down turtle :

position promoting this great intimacy that comes from the exchange of glances. Imagine the missionary position, but with slightly more acrobatic. The partners are elongated. Lying on the back, one of the partners spreads her legs and the folds on the buttocks of his companion is in front of it. Petting with the mouth can easily be offer on the upper part of the body (obviously it should be neither a carrier nor sick of the COVID-19) and the hands free enough to wander freely within the body of the other with gentleness or persistence…. The movements are rather restricted, fewer calories will be burned but a lot of tenderness to be exchanged.

2. The octopus :

the partners are lying on a bed or in a comfortable place. One partner kneels in front of the other and to be guided in order to position itself correctly in between the legs of his accomplice so that his legs form a right angle. His left hand supports the leg feverish (the other hand can easily wander…) and a penetration while slow can occur. Given that the penetration can be quite deep in this position, the partners must have a cadence that is respectful and accomplice.

3. The lotus :

that would be a sexuality that is sensual and slow without the lotus position ? In this position of choice, the partners face each other, sitting comfortably. Naturally people who feel less flexible may experience some reluctance vis-à-vis this position but suffice it to unfold slightly on the legs to promote comfort. A person is sitting cross-legged (or with legs slightly unfolded) and the other sits by ensuring that the sexes inflamed meet. A few movements of the pelvis and the turn is played, quite gently but with a lot of intensity.

4. Amazon :

do you ride slow and sensual. The.the well-liked.e sit comfortably on a chair for her.his partner to sit on the sex of the other, while having the feet on each side (which affect, or maybe even earth) by facing it. With this position of great intimacy, good communication is (as always) essential.

Breaths slow, sensual movements, eyes intense, positions that allow a nice connection, relaxation and the feeling are just some of the essential ingredients to enjoy all the benefits of this sex in slow motion !

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