The Katy Perry stunned fans by experiments with appearance: “is it a bee?”

Алина Гросу ошеломила поклонников экспериментами с внешностью: "Неужели это пчелка?"

Alina Grosu, Instagram

today, 10:54

Famous Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, who as a child became famous for the image of bees and song of the same name, has quickly matured and evolved into a spectacular blonde. Singer, an active user of Instagram, which often pleases the audience with highlights of his creative life. This time the beauty has stunned fans hot photos from the dressing room, which appeared in a very seductive way.

As you can see, Alina posing, sitting on a chair near the big mirror in the dressing room. Her black dress jacket original style, and on his feet, sexy thigh boots with huge heels, which gradually becomes a black tights. The star’s hair is slightly curled and beautifully laid, and on her face a light makeup with the defiant, Alina sits in an interesting position, arching his back. In the caption to the photo Grosu is offering fans to choose which photo they like more. And they of course threw to discuss the pictures.

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Алина Гросу ошеломила поклонников экспериментами с внешностью: "Неужели это пчелка?"

We will remind, Alina Grosu showed an unexpected talent, the fans love it.

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