The Kremlin silent on the alleged installation of anti-aircraft systems in Moscow

Kremlin silent on alleged installation of anti-aircraft systems in Moscow


The Kremlin declined to say on Friday whether Russia was preparing for strikes on Moscow after footage emerged on social media showing the installation of air defense systems in the Russian capital.

< p>The images appeared to show Pantsir S-1 systems intended to intercept cruise and ballistic missiles in particular.

Muscovites have seen one appear near a Ministry of Defense building or yet another hoisted on the roof of a building in the center of Moscow.

Another Pantsir was installed about ten kilometers from the residence of President Vladimir Putin in Novo-Ogariovo near Moscow, according to Russian media.

Asked if Russia fears Moscow is a target, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to answer on Friday, referring the question to the Defense Ministry.

“They are responsible for ensuring the security of the country in general and the capital in particular, so it is better to ask the Ministry of Defense about all the measures that are taken,” Peskov told reporters.

Contacted by AFP, the Ministry of Defense did not follow up.

Russia has experienced several attacks in recent months attributed to Ukraine, whether sabotage or drone strikes and artillery fire on border regions.

In December Moscow accused Ukraine of several drone strikes on a strategic bomber base in Engels, in the region from Saratov, 600 km from the Ukrainian border.

Kyiv is demanding that Westerners deliver long-range weapons to strike in pro founder of Russian logistics lines. However, the latter fear that such weapons will lead to an escalation of the conflict launched in 2022.