The Kremlin’s propagandists, came under fire in the Donbass: there are wounded

Кремлевские пропагандисты попали под обстрел на Донбассе: есть раненый

The crew of the Russian Federal TV channel “Russia 1”, which together with fighters of “DNR” in positions that came under fire.

Sound engineer Igor Uklein was injured, according to GORDON. It also became known that the promoters were with the leader of the division fighters “Tag” Vladimir Maliavin, death which previously was announced by Russian writer-Thriller Zakhar Prilepin.

In the Russian TV channel of vencor “Russia 1” in the Donbass Alexander Solodkov told that they “just work”, removing the fight. According to him, both countries were “thrown grenades” and fired from large-caliber machine guns.

“Paul and Vydrin Igor Uklein were very close with Oleg Mamieva. And I was there too. But the most affected was Uklein. And Vydrino got. A bunch of grenades flew into the trenches exploded. For service with the walkie-talkie in hand, when he led the fight, he was struck by shrapnel”, — he said.

Solodkov also said that Mamieva wounded were taken to the hospital, where he died on the operating table. Information about injuries sustained by his colleague, he did not elaborate.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the Donbass liquidated commander of the militants “DNR”.

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