The Kyiv court of appeals mined “coffee bomb” (photo)

Апелляционный суд Киева заминировали "кофейной бомбой" (обновлено, фото)

From the building of Appellate court in Kiev, on Tuesday, may 15, evacuated 250 people, writes “Informant”.

Around 13.15 in the police said that the courthouse was mined. At the address immediately went three of the crew of patrol, investigators, bomb experts and rescuers on the fire truck.

Soon the dangerous find was discovered the tenth floor of the building. It consisted of two packages of coffee, wired with a mobile phone and sealed with tape. Fortunately, the bomb squad determined that it is a model that does not contain explosives, said the “FACTS” the press officer Shevchenko rayupravleniya police Anna Zubareva.

Апелляционный суд Киева заминировали "кофейной бомбой" (обновлено, фото)

According to one of employees of the court of Appeal, “mining” buildings occurs approximately once in two weeks: “Surely someone decided to break one of those important things that we discussed today”.

Апелляционный суд Киева заминировали "кофейной бомбой" (обновлено, фото)

Meanwhile, another court Kiev appellate economic message about “mining” which came to militiamen the same day, evacuated about 400 people. Fortunately, in the premises of explosive subjects it is not revealed.

On the facts of false reports of a threat to the safety of citizens, opened criminal proceedings, reported the “FACTS” the senior inspector of Department of communication of the Kiev Central Board of national police Ekaterina Polishchuk.

Currently set not only the caller, but the attacker, who laid a fake bomb. The consequence does not exclude that it is one and the same person, or that these people are related.

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