The laboratories must remain on their guards

Laboratories in quebec should be extra careful to protect their gains in the race for cures and vaccines to counter the COVID-19, supports the it security expert Steve Waterhouse.

The Newspaper reported yesterday that a laboratory is he who is working on the creation of a vaccine would be spied on.

The Service from the canadian security intelligence (CSIS) has informed the chief researcher Yves Hurtubise, Biotech, Ulysses, in Trois-Rivières. He was advised to remain on guard, as its research Centre could be the target of interference, espionage, or cyber attacks, including from China, Iran and Russia.

The former officer of it security in the department of national Defence, Steve Waterhouse, said that foreign intelligence services, mainly those of China, Russia and North Korea want to get their hands on the recipe of the first vaccine and claim the patent. “Or simply induce false data to derail their work,” says-t it.

He reminded them that the pirates do it the classical way, through social engineering, the distribution of spam, the shelling of social media and cyber attacks that target directly the facilities. The expert argues that the laboratories should be on their guard, so that these criminals try to take advantage of the pandemic.


Some laboratories are already working together with the CSIS, the federal and the Québec government in order to counter possible attempts at espionage.

This is the case of Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif of the Montreal heart Institute, which conducts a vast operation in order to prove that colchicine, a medicine used to treat gout, would stop the storm inflammatory caused by the COVID-19.

The distinguished scientist has confirmed to our Office of investigation, that he was in contact so as “preventive” with the authorities.

Dr. Gary Kobinger, of Laval University, who is working on the design of a vaccine in partnership with the biopharmaceutical Médicago, mentioned not having heard of espionage.

“We share our knowledge and data with all “, wrote by e-mail the microbiologist and director of the infectious diseases research Centre of Laval University.

Steve Waterhouse says that CSIS is seeking only to protect the research centers. He does not want to hide from the rest of the world what do scientists do.

He wants to, he said, guarantee to laboratories in an environment of operational work.

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