The Lac Blanc outfitter, a unique fishing offer

La Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc, a unique fishing offer


LAC BLANC | The managers of the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc, located in Mauricie, have been able to develop a very interesting fishing offer, very easily accessible for all anglers.

“The outfitter started 27 years ago with a few cabins. Today, we have 27 chalets and an inn, explains Georges Pellerin. I believe that we are able to welcome fishing enthusiasts in unique facilities and offer them great fishing opportunities. »

The idea of ​​creating this outfitter germinated in the head of Georges' father, Gaston Pellerin. After modest beginnings, he created an imposing domain, which differs from all the other outfitters in the domain.

On the outfitter, there are ten lakes that are available for speckled trout and rainbow trout fishing.

“Basically, you are allowed a quota of 10- to 13-inch speckled trout. Then, for fans who want to enhance their stay in a special way, we have Lac Roche which contains large rainbow trout, with a limit of two trout whose weight can vary between three and five pounds  “, explains the outfitter's sales manager, Daniel Grenier. 

” We also have a lake that contains large speckled trout, from two to four pounds, where the quota has been set. two trout per fisherman. For amateurs who would like to take advantage of these special offers, they will have to pay a supplement on the base price of their stay. »

The guide Louis-Philippe Renière, alias Tony, presents here two of the speckled trout that we captured during our stay.

The outfitter also offers day fishing on certain lakes. The fishing period takes place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The quota is 10 trout per angler.


Nothing much different for catching speckled trout. Lighter common lures such as the silver and gold Lake Clear or the orange Flash King are among the trout's taste palette. On the fly, the traditional Muddler Minnow and the Silver Par Belle will do the job.

The stays are offered according to two formulas. There is the European plan offered in the chalets. These are not really chalets, but houses capable of accommodating ten people very comfortably. Interesting detail, there is one bathroom per bedroom. Everything you need to make your meals, bedding and more, is on site to ensure a very comfortable stay. You also have the possibility of having meals at the inn, which offers a table worthy of the greatest restaurants in Quebec.

The other formula available is the American plan in the inn. You then stay in one of the very comfortable rooms of this unique site and meals are taken in the dining room or on the large outdoor terrace which offers a breathtaking view of Lac Blanc.

During of a stay there, treat yourself to the famous shore lunchon the Amerindian site of the outfitter. It is a unique experience, with the guide who will prepare you an outdoor meal that you will remember, with your trout and several accompaniments. On this special site, it is even possible to stay in the “Long house”. which offers a very interesting comfort. Really, you have enough to furnish your stay by taking advantage of all the activities offered on the site.

Fishing is practiced twelve months a year on the site with fall fishing and ice fishing in winter, which will make you live great adventures.


This outfitter is undoubtedly the perfect example of modern outfitting that can meet the expectations of today's fishermen. 

The services, the quality of the equipment available and access to the territory via an asphalt road means that anyone can get to the site. You don't have to go on a long drive through the forest and own a van-style vehicle. Sports car, motorcycle or even luxury car can go to the outfitter. 

Also, if you feel like it, take the opportunity to take a little helicopter tour with none other than the director of the outfitter, Georges Pellerin.

When he created his outfitter, Gaston Pellerin had one goal, to become the most attractive site in the area. He can call himself mission accomplished because the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc has become an essential site in the area.