The land under the capital of Iran beginning to crack and sink

Земля под столицей Ирана начала трескаться и проседать

These effects greatly disturbed the local residents.

Residents of the largest city in West Asia – Tehran – afraid to stay in their homes, as the capital of Iran, the ground is moving, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

According to the latest satellite imagery, in certain places of the metropolis sags by 25 cm per year. As a consequence of these processes is the appearance of cracks and pits in the earth’s crust that can lead to disaster in the next decade.

Subsidence began in 2003. Starting this year and until 2017, the city slipped to a decent depth. The lowering (a more scientific name changes) occurs mainly in Central Tehran, as well as in the North-Western region of the city.

Cracks appeared in some cases “swallow” people and animals: some farmer sat in the formed hole approximately 6 hours, until it was pulled.

It is noteworthy that not only Tehran in danger. Also subsidence, Venice, Italy, some regions of Texas and Louisiana, Central valley San Joaquin and the airport in San Francisco.

Negative processes, according to scientists, are the result of drainage of groundwater. Every year, the external forces are more and more destroyed buildings and roads Tigerina. The drilling of wells, as noted, only exacerbates flooding.

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