The large Site of Salagou/Cirque de Mourèze ready for the big summer rush

The large Site of Salagou/Cirque de Mourèze ready for the big summer rush

Les membres du Syndicat Mixte du Grand Site Salagou/Mourèze et leurs partenaires réunis à Octon. A.M.

Le Syndicat mixte a présenté le dispositif pour juillet et août à ses partenaires ce lundi.

Managing the tourist flow in an exceptional environment to be preserved, such is the challenge of the Syndicat Mixte du Grand Site Salagou /Mourèze and its partners. Very popular with visitors and users of outdoor activities throughout the year, the lake, whose water level has risen well with the spring rains, and the Cirque de Mourèze will see their attendance significantly increase on July and August.

For a qualitative and coordinated welcome

"This is a usual information and discussion meeting with all the players for the season launch", summarizes Bernard Coste, the mayor of Octon who welcomed the Mixed Union team to the Village des Arts, this Monday July 1st. "This meeting allows us to explain everything we do to have a qualitative and coordinated welcome over the summer", confirms director Cécile Olive. On a site which sees 500,000 visitors per year, "we have an observatory and precise counting which allows us to plan maintenance work, etc. ;developments, to manage the preservation of landscapes and cohabitation with residents whose life must remain pleasant all year round".

In summer, around twenty car parks exist around the lake, between the centers of Clermont-l’Hérault and Vailhés on the Lodève side with their supervised beaches and their nautical bases. "The car parks are often full but people do not feel overcrowded, adds Cécile Olive. The objective is to avoid conflicts of use and to enforce the code of the Grand Site."< /p>

For this, new flyers have been published for fishermen, motorhome drivers and horse riders, a poster campaign will be carried out with positive messages to convey regarding parking and waste in particular and it was decided to maintain the closure to vehicles from June to September of the Piste des Vailhés.

The horse patrol and two ATV patrols will also circulate until September 8 on the banks: "To inform, raise awareness of rules of good conduct."They will be supported by the gendarmerie, the Clermontais ASVP, the Clermont municipal police and the French Biodiversity Office.

"We are in a natural space and we cannot do anything", insists director. "There are trash cans, sorting columns where there are service providers. We have also worked on invasive lagarosiphon meadows on the two major poles and we support volunteer projects at the Octon nautical relay and at the Mas de Riri in Celles, for swimming comfort". Finally all the lights are green for the Grand Site de France label, all that is missing is the signing of the decrees at the Ministry of the Environment.

The Salagou/Mourèze Mixed Union will invite all those who wish to work, from the start of the school year in September, on the organization of a Grand Site celebration from now on already scheduled for September 20, 2025. I subscribe to read more

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