The largest aircraft in the world landed at Mirabel this morning

Le plus gros avion du monde a atterri à Mirabel ce matin

The Antonov, the largest aircraft in the world, has landed at Mirabel on Sunday morning to make a delivery of medical supplies, the second in less than a month.

This time he transports a precious cargo of 130 tons of covers of protection for the canadian government. The device flew from Tianjin, China, before making a stop in Anchorage, Alaska.

This type of cargo is normally transported by maritime transport, but the emergency will justify its transportation by aircraft during the pandemic, ” explains Marco Prud’homme, president Nolinor Aviation.

Boxes, covers and fill from floor to ceiling. All the cargo has been stacked by hand, without pallets, to maximize the space in the Antonov and not to load it unnecessarily.

“As soon as the plane arrives, we will clear customs and start the handling for the unloading. Approximately 10 trucks will be completed today, so a good 10 to 12 hours of work”, provides the one who coordinates the operation.

Mr. Prud’homme says that the recruitment is part of the challenges of such an operation. “This is a job for an arm. You have to find people to unload it on a Sunday, the big sun throughout the day.”

The Antonov an-225, a behemoth of 300 tonnes, powered by six engines is the only example ever built of this device to the end of the soviet era.

At the beginning of the month, his arrival in Mirabel, has attracted the attention of many aviation enthusiasts.

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