The last miles of the military in a CHSLD

Les derniers milles des militaires en CHSLD

The military of the canadian armed Forces prepare for their departure of the CHSLD quebec planned for June 26.

A working link is being made between the armed Forces and the Red Cross to ensure a smooth transition between the two teams.

After 26 June, medical teams will be available, as needed, if the situation became out of control in a ltc facility due to a new outbreak of the COVID-19.

Marked improvement

The military have been able to see a significant evolution of the situation since their arrival in the NURSING homes last April.

“The situation has changed a lot in the Montreal area, however, since the month of April. We note that the centers are better prepared. They have drawn lessons. The management of the areas is done well, so in the event of an outbreak, it is controlled quickly,” says colonel Tim Arsenault of the canadian armed Forces.

The situation is evolving positively, supporting the colonel.

“It has occupied 15 new NURSING homes this week and in these 15 centres, in some cases, our military are already supernumerary. So it already has the tendency towards the positive in the moment”, he confirms.

Military members who have participated in this mission are proud of the work done.

“I think this mission is extremely rewarding and we discovered a totally new meaning with the help of the community,” explains one of them.

“We were proud to make a difference and not just to employees but also to residents. To the second floor where I was, they were all COVID positive, I was able to see the progression of patients who were apathetic, who were sick, and who came back to life,” adds another soldier.

At the height of the crisis, they were 1400 made in 43 accommodation centres long-term in Quebec. Currently, there are 700 military personnel deployed in the CHSLD du Québec. By June 27, this number will change depending on the application. Then, the Red Cross will take over.

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