The Last Trial of Victor Melki: When Two Madnesses Collide

Victor Melki's Last Trial: When Two Madnesses Collide< /p> UPDATE DAY

Inspired by a news item that had a profound effect on her, the French writer Sandrine Destombes chose to examine the theme of crimes that are not punished by justice, because the culprit was declared unfit in his new thriller,The Last Trial of Victor Melki. 

Max Tellier, on the verge of burnout, has been on leave for several weeks when an anonymous messenger invites him to the funeral of a man that no one seems to know, let alone regret. Other messages follow, and Max Tellier, driven by curiosity, traces the trail of an organization determined to push the limits of the judicial system. Each culprit deserves an exemplary sentence, it is believed, and if justice does not condemn them, some are ready to do anything to remedy it.

Since she is unable to conduct an investigation, Max Tellier calls on the captain of the gendarmerie Antoine Brémont, an expert in profiling, to save the next target of these vigilantes. Who are the culprits and who are the victims when two madnesses clash?

“For this novel, I had a flash, which went back to two years ago, when we were confined. I could not write at all and it did not inspire me, ”says Sandrine Destombes, in an interview. “Generally, when I write, it's something that impregnates me, social issues. And for this one, there was a news item that no one has noticed too much: a fire in a building. »

“Immediately after the fire, the journalists said that [the arsonist] known to justice, interned several times, was probably under the influence of psychotropic drugs and that there was little chance that it would go as far as to a trial. »

“I said to myself: but what does it feel like when you are close to the victim, when you are told that in any case, justice will do nothing for us, because this person cannot go to court. I started to find out about a lot of cases. This time it was an unintentional fire. But I came across some pretty terrible cases. »

Fear of miscarriage of justice

Sandrine Destombes felt very torn while writing her story. “I fear justice. She scares me, because I respect her. I am always afraid of miscarriages of justice, and I always tell myself that it is better to have a guilty person free than an innocent person in prison. »

However, she finds it important that we remain human in our way of judging. “If a person is sick, schizophrenic, we have no right to judge him. Anyway, what could we do with this person? If she went to prison, it would be terrible: it's not her place. So I said to myself, why don't we have the right to lock them up in a psychiatric hospital? I do not know what it is in Canada, but we do not have the right to serve a sentence in a psychiatric hospital. » 

♦ Sandrine Destombes made a career in event production before embarking on writing.

♦ She has publishedThe Harlequin and The Twins of Piolenc< strong>, translated into six languages ​​and awarded the 2018 VDS RTL Prize for best French thriller.

♦ His thriller Ainsi sera-t -it will be released by Hugo Poche on January 19.

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