The last video club montreal survives the crisis of the sars coronavirus

Le dernier vidéoclub montréalais survit à la crise du coronavirus

The video club Cinoche, the last representative of its kind in Montreal, is still closed, but it has not been defeated by the COVID-19. The establishment of the Mont-Royal avenue will reopen as soon as the hollywood studios will begin to offer the “what’s new”, which constitute half of its revenues.

A happy chance has wanted that Cinoche finish paying his mortgage business just before the containment.

“The last two days before closing, I think that I rented a 1000 films,” says the owner, Luke Major. The world arrived with boxes and baskets. I told them: “keep them until I reopen.”

In normal times, Cinoche remains in business by offering its DVD at prices generally more affordable than the online offer, or a $ 2 movie on “regular” and $ 4 a novelty.

“The City is going to kill me “

The video club was briefly reopened this spring in time to rent the new remaining prior to the pandemic, and then it went dormant until Hollywood falls back on its feet.

Without news and with the piétonnisation of the avenue du Mont-Royal, it wasn’t worth the blow to be open in waiting for the new arrivals. The prohibition to travel in a car or on a bike robs the Cinoche a part of its usual clientele, who lived far from the trade, according to its owner.

“The Internet has not managed to kill me, the video-on-demand has not managed to kill me, Netflix has not managed to kill me, the COVID-19 has not managed to kill me, it is the city that is going to kill me with the closure of the street Mont-Royal “, rage-t-it.

Mr. Major account reopen on the 1st of November with him-even as a single worker six days a week.

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