The last wave : a season 2 is possible ?

La dernière vague : une saison 2 est-elle possible ?

The last wave : a season 2 is possible ?

Simple revolt of the nature or consequences of the déréglement climate ? The mystery of the famous cloud of The last wave will be-t-he drilled in the last two episodes, aired this Monday, November 4, 2019 on France 2 ? The viewers hope as they hope that the series will be a season 2. A sequel is possible ?

For the first time, France 2 launched in the fantastic with The last wave, its new series 3 million viewers. The story ? During a surfing competition at Brizan, a seaside resort of the Landes, a huge cloud invites itself to the party and carries on its passage a dozen surfers. After five hours of searching, the participants reappear in a single blow, without remembering anything. On their return, they begin to develop powers, but why is the cloud the has he chosen as messengers of nature ? Why revenge does she men ?

A season 2 for The last wave ?

All responses will be (normally) the data in the last few episodes of The last wave. In any case, whatever happens, the cloud will no doubt impact on the daily lives of the inhabitants of Brizan, as Ben (David Kammenos seen in Falco), Lena (Marie Dompnier), Marianne (Lola Dewaere), Yael (Nasturtium Valmary), Mathieu (Theo Christine saw in Skam France) or even Max (Roberto Calvet). Moreover, all of these characters could return in a possible season 2 ?

If viewers hope to see a sequel, unfortunately it is not topical (for the moment) since The last wave has always been seen as a mini-series. It is looped according to the co-creative Raphaelle Roudau. However, David Kammenos, and Marie Dompnier would be totally ready for a season 2.

The interpreter of Lena has not failed to launch a small message to France 2 during the podcast The law of the series : “It would be great. We would like to end up with all the buddies. What would be really great, is that beyond us, the last wave, and the pleasure that one would find, if it works, I hope that it will open the way to more risks and daring things.” There are more than cross your fingers then !

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