The last wave : the designer explains the end and the disappearance of (SPOILER)

La dernière vague : la créatrice explique la fin et la disparition de (SPOILER)

The last wave : the designer explains the end and the disappearance of (SPOILER)

The last wave has given us, on France 2, a final addictive and interesting… that has left us with more questions than answers. Not cool, but maybe we will see more clear with the explanations of the designer, Raphaëlle Roudaut, on the mysteries remaining and on the death of (SPOILER). If you’ve only seen the last two episodes, do not read this article.

It is this Monday, November 4, 2019 as The last wave ended on France 2. The people of Brizan were able to take away the cloud that appeared to be revenge for the actions of man against nature, with the authority of the messengers, Lena, Max, Thomas, Gaël Raës) and Mathieu (Theo Christine). Except that this battle was not without consequences. The reason for this ? Roman is death, while the body of Max (Roberto Calvet) sank to the bottom of the water. Is it died ? Very good question.

“It was voluntary, leaving it to hover in a mystery”

The suspense around this character is voluntary on the part of the writers and co-creator : “It was a bit of a wink to the Big Blue ! It was voluntary to leave a lingering mystery around his disappearance in the water, “says Raphaëlle Roudaut at Allociné.

Beyond questions around Max, the last episode of The last wave leaves us with an open ending that plot a lot : “When one takes viewers on a fable ecological as well as that for six episodes, we need to finish on something that may not be completely closed. it is necessary to propose answers, go to the end of the trajectories, but it is important to bring a small part of mystery.

An open end explained

And what about the scene where it is discovered that the little daughter of Ben (David Kammenos seen in Falco) and Lena (Marie Dompnier), designed quickly, thanks to the cloud, has a special relationship with water ? “We wanted to leave this family to which we, I hope, attached, trailed after all of these hardships, but also with the promise of something that is a bit strange, “says the co-creator.

The end of The last wave also shows us that the phenomenon of the cloud is not finished since it has spread into India : “there is an environmental message through a scene with the character of Faust (Guillaume Cramoisan), which sees that it is happening the same thing elsewhere, in India, and the idea that this type of climate phenomenon will spread and repeat a few throughout the world“, tells Raphaëlle Roudaut before saying that the goal was to”open the prospects beyond Brizan“.

A season 2 for The last wave ?

In the light of the final, so it’s quite possible to imagine a season 2 for the series of France 2, but a sequel is already planned ? Not really, according to the screenwriter : “The series has not been written and constructed by thinking of a season 2, it was not intended to be available in several seasons (…) The end was open compared to what she says, and left the room for a possible season 2, but it was not written by saying that it was absolutely necessary“, she says to Allociné. Everything is still possible.

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