The late singer Nachalova came back from the dead for the sake of his daughter: “She’s already among us”

Покойная певица Началова вернулась с того света ради дочери: "Она уже среди нас"

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The ex-wife of the famous Russian singer Yulia Nachalova Yevgeny Aldonin was born on 3 child sweet daughter Angelica. He also has a son Artem. But Larry Eugene has a daughter, Faith, recently turned 13.

Покойная певица Началова вернулась с того света ради дочери: "Она уже среди нас"

Julia Nachalova

On the Internet actively discussing the addition to the family Aldonin. Some of users claim that in the face of a tiny Angelica returned to the world of Julia.

“The transmigration of the soul is possible. It has been proved. Everyone should go to their lessons and have the ability to correct mistakes,” said numerologist Victoria Bark.

Also parapsychologist Boris Isayev was in solidarity with the statement of numerologist.

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“There is a substitution effect when energetically depleted relative gives place to a new family member and is thus returned to us in a new guise,” said he.

The psychologist added that the transmigration of the soul can occur not only in the body of blood relations.

“Optional movement of the soul takes place in the body of a relative by blood, important – of the clan. In Julia, on the fate laid low energy potential, predisposition to some diseases in it, but physical exertion should be avoided,” – said the expert.

Moreover, he explained the reason for talking about the deceased in the present tense, but Nachalova has returned to our world.

“She’s already among us. Returned to defend the Faith, protect them from harm. Before the 13th birthday to my daughter returned, as expected. The girl is very-very wanted, asked almost every day is such a gift. Vera on 1 December is a special date. 13 it is important to have strong protection. Julia always knew that. Now her daughter can not survive,” – said Isayev.

Покойная певица Началова вернулась с того света ради дочери: "Она уже среди нас"

Julia Nachalova

Recall that the ex-husband of Julia Nachalova the child was born from his current wife – 32-year-old Olga.

As reported by the portal Znayu former husband of Julia Nachalova published photos from the day of the birth of their total daughter’s Faith, which first took place without a mother.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the family of the former husband of Julia Nachalova Yevgeny Aldonin updated his new wife Olga gave birth to his daughter.

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