The latest episode of “Game of thrones”: when watch 6 the series 8 season in Ukraine

The release date of the sixth episode of season 8 of “Game of thrones”

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Последний эпизод "Игры престолов": когда смотреть 6 серию 8 сезона в Украине

6 series season 8 of “Game of thrones”

Nearing the finale of the famous series “Game of thrones”. Fans from around the world held their breath in anticipation of the development of the plot of the sixth series of the eighth season. The release of the latest episode of”Game of thrones” is scheduled for today, 19 may at 21:00 (USA). In Ukraine, fans of the popular Saga will be able to see the sixth episode of the 8th season of”Game of thrones” may 20 at 4:00.

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The series premiere will be on HBO and roughly the final episode will last about 1 hour and 20 minutes. In Ukraine 6 the series 8 season will be able to see all who have access to video services OLL.TV or MEGOGO. They provide access to viewers to the production of HBO.

6 series season 8 of “Game of thrones” – watch trailer online

Previously, we reported that “Game of thrones” will end with the sixth series. HBO will show one movie a week later after the release of the latest episode of the popular Saga. Documentary on the work of the creators of the famous Saga, the film will be shown as the birthplace of the most epic final scenes of the eighth season. Also the viewer can watch the interview with the showrunners, Directors, actors and other members of the creative team.

Earlier, we gave an overview of the 5 series of season 8 of the series “Game of thrones”.

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