The latest survey of Kouplan

La toute dernière enquête de Kouplan

For those who have followed with interest the investigations of the iranian refugee Kouplan, this latest opus, entitled where the heart may be a blow to the heart. Writer, Swedish Sara Lövestam to us about it.

In Québec, as elsewhere, Sara Lövestam has immediately won a huge success with Everyone his truth, the first installment in a series dedicated to a young clandestine iranian origin who, to be able to afford to eat, will have to improvise detective. His name ? Kouplan. It is in any case like this he preferred to call himself, once he arrived in Sweden. Because as some may know already, Kouplan, whose real name was once Nesrine, is a transsexual.

“For this first installment, I had in mind the idea of a little girl who was going to disappear, and someone who was going to try to find it,” says Sara Lövestam, which was attached to her home, to Stockholm. But I didn’t want that someone to be a cop, because the police does not interest me and I do not know large-thing to this environment. I knew that writing this novel would require nearly a year of work, so it was important for me to create a complex character that I wasn’t going to get tired. “

Where is the heart
Sara Lövestam
Editions Robert Laffont
342 pages”>

Where is the heart
Sara Lövestam

Editions Robert Laffont
342 pages

“At this time, in the media, we talked a lot of communities underground of immigrants,” continues Sara Lövestam. It is claimed that they constituted a great threat to the Swedish society. However, the time when I was teaching Swedish to immigrants – some of whom were illegal immigrants – none of my students has never stuck to that profile of a criminal suspect. On the contrary. I am so inspired them to create the character of Kouplan, because I was not really in agreement with what said in the media. And then I like to have heroes amazing in my books. They can be men or women, Swedish or foreign, straight or gay. Or even a transsexual sometimes. In my environment, there are many. ”

Look for the brother

Since 2016, we may as well follow the investigations of Kouplan, whose job as a detective without papers began with this small ad simple : “If the police can’t do anything to you, please do not hesitate to call me. “A small announcement, which also applies to him, since the police can only help him to find his brother Nima, who has been arrested and locked up in a prison in iran for his activities against the regime. But as it happened there was already more than eight years, Kouplan has all the reasons to believe that Nima has managed to escape, and yes, he is determined to find his trace.

Where the heart is different from the three previous volumes, says Sara Lövestam. Until now, Kouplan has always worked for the other. But then, I wanted it to work for him starting in search of his brother. ”

A new survey, that probably would have been much easier if Kouplan was still called Nesrine and if the hormones had not rendered totally unrecognizable. Because it is certainly not with the head he has now that his brother is in danger of recognize at first glance ! Nevertheless, this change of appearance will be an advantage : allow Kouplan to return to the Kebab Azad without running the risk of being identified, even if amount of other illegal immigrants have succeeded in the kitchen. It does so wedded to retrieve a photo of Nima, and in doing so, it will learn that one of these illegals has recently been murdered. “Having now his residence permit, a safe place where you can stay and a paid internship, Kouplan will want to absolutely do something for these refugees who are abused and exploited because they don’t have anything and almost everything to lose,” adds Sara Lövestam.

Return to normal

Well-crafted, the plot gives us an excellent overview of the plight of these men and these women who can not complain to the police or speak of the abuse to which they are regularly subjected, for fear of being returned illico presto in their country of origin.

As to Kouplan, he probably will never been as comfortable in his skin in his entire life. Which will also leave us on a positive note, where the heart is the fourth and last volume of the series. “I know this is gonna sound weird, but I felt that I had to let it go, I let it continue to live away from the spotlight, points out Sara Lövestam. And then I also wanted to get back to what I usually write, namely, novels short. The series Koupland has been for me very fun to do because I am not a writer of crime novels ! “

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